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Monday, October 6, 2008

The successful implementation of business applications like Openbravo solutions largely depends on a dedicated team of knowledgeable staff. It entails customer-wide commitment, openness to change, business and product knowledge, good management and planning, and guidance from experienced people. In such a complex context, having the correct and complete set of consulting skills within your team is a determining factor towards successful project completion.

If you are an Openbravo partner and are working on a complex implementation of Openbravo ERP or POS and need experienced consulting or an expert in a particular area, we can provide you with the person with the right profile, whether business, functional or technical, to help you achieve project requirements. Our consultants have already completed numerous implementations and are highly qualified. Specialized Consulting is a high value-added service, available only for Openbravo partners, which allows you to maximize product benefits and project team performance, enabling you to face any challenges within your customer implementation that may arise.

From definition to configuration, Specialized Consulting Services span the full life-cycle of an implementation and ensure you achieve your business goals:

  • Evaluation Workshop
  • Project Management Support
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • ERP Deployment Strategy
  • Requirement Definition & GAP Analysis
  • Functional Design Support & Review
  • Customizing Assessment
  • Upgrading Strategy
  • Existing Openbravo ERP Audit
Moreover, all of our Consulting team has in depth practical knowledge of the Openbravo implementation framework. This is a model that has proven to deliver return on investment quickly and effectively. This framework provides an understandable and scalable guide for Openbravo implementation projects. It includes our recommended five step Openbravo implementation roadmap, as well as a specific methodology for project management. This useful tool is completed with a set of best implementation practices. Working together with our experts will allow you to be trained on the job on this successful methodology and to apply it autonomously in the future.

Here is what partners have said about using Openbravo’s Specialized Consulting Services:

Because we were implementing our first project, we wanted to make sure that everything would run smoothly. Openbravo’s specialized consulting team gave us the methodological, business and technological reinforcement we needed through on-the job training, which turned out to be invaluable to the project’s success. After this experience, we are now confident in becoming a key player in the industry.
- César Alonso, TicTech Consulting CEO
Openbravo’s senior consultant gave us in-depth knowledge about implementation methodology which helped us minimize the risks associated with our project delivery. Because of Openbravo’s Consulting Services, we were able to optimize our sales potential while gaining experience in making proposals for the future
- Julio Bleda, Cleartic Founder
Go professional! Ensure your customer implementations success!

Eugeni Vives
Global Partner Services


George said...

Do you have the process diagram image in english ?

Eugeni Vives said...

Hi George,

I'm sorry, I just saw your comment. The picture is just an illustrative example of a ficticious process. You can find some good real BPMN Businees Processes in English at

Hope it helps! said...

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