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Online courses and Openbravo's e-learning strategy

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The end of the year was an exciting period for the Global Partner Services, wrapping up a successful year, planning new products for 2009, while delivering some of the latest ones.

The Education department was proud to introduce the new Online Basic Functional Training in a unique e-learning format. The 5-week long course took place between the 17th of November and 19th of December. Eight students participated and completed the course which was an overall success.

The course covers the basic functionality and usability of Openbravo ERP:

Using a Learning Management System (based on Open Source Moodle platform) and practical use of Openbravo ERP hosted on Amazon, the Online Basic Funtional Training provides a unique learning environment supervised by Openbravo training specialists, which also includes the following:

  • Weekly live sessions through webcast
  • News blog where live sessions and other news are published
  • Materials (navigable slide show) for each module
  • Links to additional readings
  • Quizzes
  • Discussion and Q&A forums answered by Openbravo Training Specialists
  • Exercises and assignments
  • A link to each participants' own Openbravo ERP application, which is used to experience the product and execute the exercises and assignments
  • Evaluation form
This way the students are given various channels of content, making sure that exercises, quizzes and assignments are successfully completed.

Openbravo's online courses are the answer for those individuals with limited time, and who cannot necessarily afford to fly to a location to complete one of our live intensive courses.

As for the upcoming year, we will continue expanding our online course offer to keep pursuing the efficient dissemination of Openbravo knowledge.

Rok Lenardic
Senior Training Specialist