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Launch of the new Certification Program!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Certification program is one of the new initiatives launched by Openbravo this summer. If you intend to implement or build enterprise applications with Openbravo products, then passing certification exams will help you broaden your knowledge base and prove that you are ready for the job. The certification program can act as a passport to launching your company into the Openbravo ecosystem and giving yourself professional status.

The introduction of certification allows you to capitalize on the time and energy you spent learning Openbravo ERP; either though training classes, self study or 'on the job' experience. Certification offers a win-win-win scenario for clients, partners and Openbravo alike:

  • Assures customers of your knowledge and skill and credentials.
  • Shows tangible evidence of your ability.
  • Adds to your credibility in the Openbravo ecosystem.
  • Allows Openbravo to set a brand standard and monitor the quality of our partners.
Certification exams are available to every individual in the Openbravo ecosystem. If you are looking to differentiate and distinguish yourself in the eyes of your customers the most objective way will be to get certified.

The two exams introduced this summer will be at the entry or 'Foundation' level. The exams will be a timed 80 minute test comprising of 50 multiple choice questions and with a 80% pass threshold. Openbravo will rollout the Functional Foundation exam in June and the Technical Foundation in August. The scope of the Functional Foundation Exam is the functional modules available 'out of the box' with Openbravo ERP: Procurement Management, Sales Management, Production Management, Warehouse Management, MRP, Project and Service Management and Financial Management. The questions will be a blend of practical 'know how' and theory. Many of the questions have been written by our Consulting team so they are based on 'real world' experience. If you attempt the exam but fail on the first attempt you automatically get a free retake. However, if you fail a second time you will need to enroll and start the process again. The cost for the foundation exam is 150 Euros.

Foundation implies a starting point; something to build on. It rewards you for your achievement, but says there is more to learn before your become a expert. Therefore, later in the 09 calendar year Openbravo will rollout two more exams set at a higher 'Graduate' level. The objective with these Graduate level exams will be for the examinee to demonstrate that they can configure or build real applications given a set of requirements. Graduate level exams will again be a test of functional or technical ability.

Openbravo also has plans for a third 'Master' layer of Certification with which we really hope to find the 'Top Guns' in the community!

Passing each certification exam is much more than proof of attendance or a piece of paper on the wall. It is a tangible, objective and incremental way to examine, prove and demonstrate if you have the skills required to implement and build production enterprise applications using Openbravo products. Certification will mark you out as an Openbravo Professional! In this sense it is serious business and will take work from you to reach the grade and standard required. Your reward will objective proof of your ability and status in the Openbravo ecosystem.

There are several excellent preparation options available. Ideally if you plan to take the Functional Foundation Exam we recommend you attend the Basic Functional Training class, either in the classroom or on line. Similarly attending the Basic Development Training will prepare you for the Technical Foundation Exam. Find below some helpfull resources to prepare the exams:
To enroll for the Functional Foundation Certification Exam, please visit

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Eugeni Vives
VP of Global Partner Services