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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It has been a while since we have had news from the Education department of Openbravo.

Having recently released the 2.50 version of Openbravo ERP, we were presented with a great opportunity to revamp our curriculum offering. We're excited to present you with the new portfolio of training.

A variety of live training courses are available to get up to speed with the new 2.50 release of Openbravo ERP:

  • Basic Functional Training: If you need an overview of the application, what functionality it offers, how to use it or what's new in 2.50, this 5-day course led by experienced instructors is the one for you.
  • Basic Development: To install and customize our application, this course has been completely revamped with clearer explanations of framework concepts and more hands-on exercises. Aimed at consultants who already have an overview of the application but now need to implement it themselves.
  • Advanced Development: Modular and highly customizable architecture is something we are very proud of with the new release of Openbravo ERP. But to unleash these powers, this course has been written from scratch to cater to the needs of developers who want to customize or extend Openbravo ERP. Students will learn how to neatly package their efforts into modules/extensions or how to take advantage of modules others have developed. More examples, more exercises, more how-tos, more fun!
We understand that in this harsh economic climate cutting costs is vital to survive. That is why we have cut the prices of all our training courses and are offering you new online courses for those with limited budgets and resources:
  • Online Basic Functional Training: Same content as the live course with a lower price tag and lighter on resources since no travel&hotels are required and the course spans over 5 weeks. Using an elearning platform led by Openbravo training specialist and a dedicated online Openbravo ERP application for each student, efficient hands-on learning is provided.
  • Online Advanced Development: Again, the same content as in the live version of this training is provided, however through an elearning platform. Students receive specifications of what needs to be build, are provided with how-to manuals of how individual framework elements are built and have their own dedicated instance of Openbravo ERP server where development is done. They are assisted and marked by an Openbravo training specialist to enforce key learning points.
We would like to point out that the training sessions offered are also a great starting point towards newly released certification program, introduced to set the benchmark standard for Openbravo consultants and engineers working with Openbravo. Once you have undertaken some training and feel you have good experience with working around Openbravo products, you can now prove your expertise!

For larger customers or those in need of a custom-tailored content, customized training delivered at your premises, at our offices or online can be offered.

Finally, for more information on content, schedule and prices of all training, please visit

We hope to see you soon in one of our virtual or physical classrooms!!

Rok Lenardic
Senior Training Specialist